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A Trusted Partner in achieving your goals!

We treat the source of the injury and educate prevention.

All patients will receive the highest quality 1:1 physiotherapy assessments and treatments with courtesy follow-up phone calls. With your therapist, you will set accurate and attainable goals within a respectable timeline.

Assessments and treatments for a wide variety of problems and ailments

We base our approach on evidence-based physiotherapy and this means that you will receive the most up to date care available that the physiotherapy profession is able to offer. This ultimately means that we provide effective care in order to get you back to your goals as quickly as possible.

Our Services
We are confident in offering:
  • Complete and Comprehensive Biomechanical Assessment
  • Evidenced-based Exercise Prescription
  • Highly-effective Manual and/or Manipulative Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Dry Needling
  • Ultrasound Treatment [if this is required]
  • Other pain management modalities [if this is required]

  • All together this will provide you with the tools and knowledge to recover faster and empower you in case of recurrence.

    Our services are covered mostly through extended or work health plans, motor vehicle accident insurance plans or self-pay. We also have billing privileges through Blue Cross for members of RCMP, DND, Canadian Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada.

    Advanced Concept Physiotherapy ensures that each client receives quality care and is given sufficient time during each treatment to help maximize recovery.

    Services Covered by Extended Health Plans or Work Health Plans
    Most insurance plans offer coverage for Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic and custom Orthotics. These services and their specific coverage are usually outlined in your policy, providing you with information such as: the dollar amount allowed per visit and per year for each type of service the requirements and designation of the health care professional providing the service the yearly deductible portion for which the client is responsible if a written referral (by a physician) for the service is needed. You should also be able to call your insurance company with specific enquiries or look up information on their website. Your policy and identification numbers are required in order to access this information.

    If you are claiming through your extended health care carrier or work plan, you will be required to pay for your therapy sessions upon each visit, after which you will be provided with receipts that you can submit for reimbursement.

    If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is recommended that you begin treatment as soon as possible in order to allow for a quicker recovery from the time of the accident.

    If You Are Hurt In a Motor Vehicle Accident
    Upon assessment of your condition, your therapist will complete an initial report outlining his/her clinical findings, along with a treatment plan indicating types and length of treatment recommended. These documents will then be sent to your insurance adjuster for review before authorization of the entire treatment plan is given. The aim of treatment is to return you to your previous level of function. Treatment will focus on active strengthening, stretching, conditioning, and pain-relieving modalities as needed.

    Billing for Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Claims
    If you have extended health care benefit
    If you have an extended health care plan that covers any treatment you are receiving, motor vehicle insurance companies require that you claim through that plan first. Any remaining balances are then covered by your motor vehicle accident insurance plan. You will therefore be asked to provide this information when you come in for your assessment. In this case, with your authorization, we may send claims to your extended health care plan on your behalf.

    Your motor vehicle insurer will require documentation outlining how much was covered by your extended health care benefits, so you may be asked to bring in this paperwork to the clinic. This documentation will allow us to bill any unpaid amounts to your motor vehicle insurer.

    If you do not have any health care benefits
    If you do not have an extended health care plan that covers Physiotherapy, your treatments can be billed directly through your motor vehicle accident insurance company. If you have coverage through Blue Cross, the coverage is variable depending on the type of service received. Some treatments are fully covered, while others may require you to co-­‐pay a certain amount. When you come in for treatment, you will be informed if you are required to co-­‐pay any amount per visit.

    On the initial visit, we will require: a doctor referral prescribing the treatment to be received, your I.D. card, your signature on the claim forms [which will be submitted to Blue Cross Billing for Blue Cross Claims]. Advanced Concept Physiotherapy is able to bill Blue Cross directly for Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy treatments for members of RCMP, DND, Canadian Forces and Veterans Affairs, provided all billing requirements are met.

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